7 Best Rabbit Breeds To Raise For Their Fur


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As a farmer or a pet owner, profiting and making money from Rabbit should be one of your set goals or priority most especially for Rabbit breeders.

In our present generation, man’s keeps inventing new things that have become of great importance to man and also some of these things being invented by man are being gotten from Rabbit’s furs some of which are the fluffy coat that keeps the body warm during cold weather, also used for making pillows in most cases, also used in making woolly caps that are very comfortable to wear and lots more.

So now let’s talk about 7 best Rabbit breeds to raise for their fur.
But before that, there are some important and vital factors to consider before choosing or even buying a Rabbit for its fur production some of which are;

  1. The colour of the fur
  2. You should consider the coat type
  3. The size of the fur

1. The colour of the fur

The colour of the fur determines how well you can market your products why this is so is because let’s compared a white fur to a black one which do you think will sell more? The white of course so you should put into consideration the colour of the fur of the rabbit you choose or you intend to buy.
Most people prefer colour to the other and this is why colour considerations should be considered. And most times, most pet owners look for Rabbit with very attractive furs.

So everyone has his or her choice. For instance, the White Rabbit fur can be easily harnessed into any desired choice that is they can be dyed into any desired colour of your choice.

2. You Should Consider the Coat Type

Considering coat type is one factor to be considered too and it has to with how good the fur is? such as the softness, texture and how well it can be used and so on. Everyone wants the best and so considering this factor is very important and must be followed with caution.

3. The size of the Fur.

We prefer things that are very good and large in size and also affordable. When considering the fact that you want a rabbit for its fur, you would like to go for the ones which are very big in size (fur size). Rabbits with large furs sell well in the market and are in high demands and u advise you take this factor into consideration before choosing or buying a Rabbit for its fur.

Here are some of the 7 best Rabbit breeds to raise for their fur.
1.The Silver fox Rabbit
2.The Rex Rabbit.
3 The Satin Rabbit
4. The Angora
5.The Flemish giant
6.The Chinchilla Rabbit
7. The Lop Rabbit

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1. The Silver Fox Rabbit

This breed of Rabbit appears first appears in the list. The silver fox rabbit can be seen as a multipurpose Rabbit in the sense
that it can serve many purposes such as

1. Meat production:

The silver fox Rabbit can also be used for meat production.

2. Pets:

They can serve as excellent pets around your home’s and helps keep you company most of the times.

3. Fur production:

This is the most important feature that is known with This breed of Rabbit.

So most farmers and Rabbit breeders prefer to raise this breed of Rabbit because if its fur production and how well it is.
So Getting this breed of Rabbit for you as a farmer is very advisable and would make a good startup for a very successful fur business.

2. The Rex Rabbit

The Rex Rabbit is very big in size in the sense that their breeds tend to grow very fast and it has also been identified by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).
Speaking about its fur, the rex Rabbit
furs are not that long they appear to be very dense and very soft but they come in very large quantities. That is one reason more people also choose these breed of rabbit to help start a proper fur business or for any other use pending on what you need it for.

3. The satin Rabbit

This breed of Rabbit is also used for meat production. It is often small in size and is also known as the fur Rabbit. They love to run around and this helps keep them fit and very strong. The Satin Rabbit can live for about either 5 or 8 years depending on how much care and attention is been given.

They do not require much attention in taking care of their furs as they normally do that all you need do is groom them once or twice a week as this helps them grow more hair and helps prevent tangling of hairs.

Their hairs normally appear to be shiny this is due to recessive production of sheen. So choosing this breed of Rabbit for fur production is not a bad idea at all.

4. The Angora

This breed of Rabbit tends to be softer in terms of the hairs and requires enough attention in terms of care such as grooming to help reduce hair tangling.

Why this is done is because they have very soft hairs and any little contact with liquid fluid may eventually result in tangling and therefore making them uncomfortable.

The Angora breed is seen as one of the oldest domestic breed of Rabbit with a lifespan of about 7-12 years and it been raised mainly to serve as pets at homes or even in offices.

The Angora wool as it is normally called is of great importance to man and is been used for several purposes best known to man. There are about 11 breeds of angora but only 4 are been recognised by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

Taking care of this breed of Rabbit requires more attention because of their wool they are been needed in high quantity due to their production of wool otherwise know as the Angora wool.

So keeping this breed of Rabbit for the purpose of making money from the wool is a very good idea.

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5. The Flemish Giant

The Flemish Giant is a breed of Rabbit that is considered to be very large in size, if not the largest of all time. Flemish giants are mainly raised for its meat and furs. But are also domestic pets.

In terms of fur production, the Flemish giant don’t produce that much but they do produce but not as much as the Angora breed,
the silver fox Rabbit and the rex Rabbit.
Keeping this breed of Rabbit helps serve many purposes such as meat, pets for companions and also for their furs.

6. The Chinchilla Rabbit

In terms of coat, they are very advisable and are good for fur production and taking care of them is not that stressful and requires less time. they are 3 breeds recognised by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) which are;
Standard Chinchilla, American Chinchilla and the Chinchilla. So when choosing from this breed in terms of furs you are safe to choose from any of these three breeds.

7.  The lop Rabbit

This breed of Rabbit is often known for its dropping ears they are very soft and cute breeds of Rabbit. Speaking about their furs, They do produce furs but not too many.

They grow very big and can weigh about 10 to 11 pounds and you know for a domestic animal, it’s too big and this may result in obesity.

Keeping this breed of Rabbit is not a bad idea, especially for the purpose of fur production and overfeeding is not too advisable so as to prevent obesity.

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