10 Best Ways To Take Care Of a Rabbit Litter ( All you Need to know)


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Encountering some challenges or difficulties as a rabbit breeder or a Rabbit pet owner? such as How do I take care of my rabbit litter, and other related topics?

Well, we got you covered, despite the fact that it is sometimes not easy to and very time consuming to take care of young litters, but towards the end, it will be of great joy and pleasure to seeing the young litters grow healthy and strong.
if the correct measures and procedures are been put into consideration.

Rabbit litters come in different amounts and breeds, colours, sex and all other related variations.

A litter might decide to contain about four to ten (4-10) litters or even fifteen pending on the breeds involved and the period of oestrus of the female Rabbit at that moment.

10 Best Ways To Take Care Of a Rabbit Litter

Below are some very important procedures to ensure your rabbit litter gets that maximum care.

1. Regular Feeding
2.Clean Water supply
3. Avoid Dirty Environment
4. Avoid Unauthorized Visitors Into Their Nest
5. Grooming Them once in a while
6. Provide them With Enough Space
7. Protect Them From Cold
8. Regular Deworming
9. Avoid Contact With Sick Rabbits
10. Ensure Proper Hygiene

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1. Regular Feeding

Regular feeding of your young litter does not have to do with overfeeding. But yet it is still considered as the most important of them all.

It goes a long way to determine the health status of the rabbit when they are being ready to be sold or weaned.
Feeding on the breast milk of the female Rabbit is the most important for a healthy litter because it does not only make them strong but also improves their growth speed and make them resistant to some deadly infections and diseases.

Once this process is been adopted, it is highly assured the will grow healthy and strong. So ensuring proper feeding from you as the breeder or an owner will do the litters better.

2. Clean Water Supply

Water is seen as one of the most important substances that helps support life. Clean water to be precise helps ensure the rabbit’s stay strong and protected from external diseases. Water helps in getting and discharging some unwanted and harmful substances that are not needed in their body.

Your rabbit needs about 100-600 ml of water per day. considering now they are in a large quantity. So you need to keep your rabbit’s hydrated and going for proper growth and functioning of their body’s system.

3. Avoid Dirty Environment

Getting that nest always clean might be somehow hectic and time-consuming. But I tell you, it is worth it. Rabbits do litter their nest and tidying up their environment might be challenging.

But you won’t regret it because it really prevents some dangerous infections and diseases and most of it all is that it does not make the nest dirty, it also makes the rabbit very dirty and very untidy thereby creating an avenue for other illnesses.

4. Avoid Unauthorized Visitors Into Their Nest

This might be a tough decision to take but I guarantee you it’s worth it. Your friends may come and decide to take a look at your rabbit’s and may decide to touch or even carry them. So providing of disinfectants, hand sanitizers and other essential items.

You need to control the rate of the visit to the farm and also control unauthorized people from getting access to your farm. This will help reduce the spread of unknown or unwanted diseases.

5. Grooming Them Once In a While

This procedure has to do with dressing your rabbit’s hair. Grooming their furs or hair ensures they appear healthy, prevent some ectoparasites that are harmful to them.

6. Provide Them With Enough Space

For effective body movement and agility, You need to take this guide into consideration. Baby bunnies begin to come out of their nest for about one to two weeks after parturition and when they do so, they need to be provided with enough space to enable them to run around to help keep and strengthen their muscles and bones too.

It is said that baby bunnies or rabbit’s that are not provided with enough space tend to and are likely to break bones.
Once you carry out this process, your baby rabbits grow very strong and healthy and are weaned earlier than expected.

7. Protect Them From Cold

This is one of the problems or issues most rabbit’s breeders or pet owners usually encounter whenever there is a new litter.

When proper care is not administered, when newly baby rabbits are been littered, they are likely to be killed by harsh weather condition such as excessive exposure to cold weather.

This can occur either when the female Rabbit does not shade much hair or does not shade at all, Or when there is poor preparation or mismanagement by the breeder.

You can help secure and protect the litters from cold and harsh weather by ensuring their nest are been secured and protected from rain and cold wind.

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8. Regular Deworming

Regular deworming in rabbits cannot be overemphasized due to the fact that it plays a paramount role in rabbit’s health and helps in preventing and protecting their intestines and stomach from worms.

Rabbits get worms into their body when they consume fresh grass containing some of these worms. This may lead to weight loss.

They can also get these worms into their body when they feed in infected or contaminated faeces of another rabbit that are infected and when consumed, some worms like pinworms present in their faeces get into their body and begin to eat up the walls of the intestine thereby causing some damages to the Rabbit and eventually lead to loss of the rabbit.
So adopting this method will do your baby bunnies more good as they mature in adults.

9. Avoid contact with Sick Rabbits

This is one of the fastest and most common ways in which diseases spread. From direct contact with the carrier. If you notice your rabbit is sick and not feeling too strong, you have to separate them first of all from the rest of the rabbits or if it’s a pet rabbit, you keep them in a different area then you seek advice from a veterinarian or a rabbit expert so you know what to do.

So you must try your possible best to ensure that you take care of your rabbit. When you notice any strange behaviour just make sure you take the appropriate measures because you know some kind of diseases takes a long time to surface.

10. Ensure Proper and Regular hygiene

Proper and good hygiene is very paramount in any environment. Not to talk of animal hygiene, Ensuring proper hygiene for your rabbit is very good to them not only them, but it also benefits you in away.

When proper hygiene is being practised, the chances of your rabbit getting sick or even dying us reduced and this saves you lots of expenses and other related issues that may rise up later.

Keeping and ensuring proper hygiene may not be 100 per cent active but make sure you meet up to a satisfying level that is good for them will help them a lot and at times it might be very stressful to keep up but I ensure you it’s worth it. So do ensure you you make sure proper hygiene is being practised.

10 Best Ways To Take Care Of a Rabbit Litter ( All you need to know) – Conclusion

Baby rabbit or female rabbit litters need maximum care and good attention when they are been born, because these periods, they are very vulnerable to diseases and other forms of harm that may stand as a threat to their health. Follow the above-listed steps to ensure maximum care for your rabbit litter.

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