Can Grasscutters (Cane rats) and Rabbits live Together?


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This is a question that has been asked a lot of times and no accurate or satisfying answers have been given yet.

But I tell you, after going through this article, you will get to know and find out an accurate and satisfying answer. So just relax and read through.

The world as we all know it today is changing and we must adapt to some of the changes. Grasscutter(Kane rat) are very nice animals that have so much great importance and benefits to man, likewise the rabbits too.
Grass cutters also are known as Kane rat are very good animals, very affordable and easy to breed their meat are being consumed all over the world especially in some Western part of Africa.

Cane rats are very profitable animals if much work and attention are being given.

Grass cutters are mainly raised for meat and they are very sensitive animals that do not like dirty environments and a good and healthy colony should consist of at least a male and two females respectively. Why this is so is because it will help determine how well and active your grass cutter will be.

Keeping your rabbits with your Grass cutters (Cane rats) is not one hundred percent safe and advised because the rabbits may be at risk of infectious diseases and some other unwanted pests. So I should advise you to take your rabbit away from your grass cutters to help keep them safe and secure.

10 best reasons you shouldn’t keep your Grass Cutter (Cane rats) with your Rabbits

1. The high spread of diseases and infections
2. A high rate of fighting
3. loss of hairs
4. They are being considered Agricultural pests
5. They tend to be violent most at times
6. It can lead to loss of younger rabbit’s
7. Grass cutters are mostly wild
8. Their gestational period differs from that of rabbits.
9. Their number of litters differs from that of the rabbit’s
10. They are being bred mainly for meat consumption

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1. The High Spread of Diseases and Infections

The most common and fastest mode of disease transmission is through direct contact with the host. Kane rats popularly known as Grass cutters are mainly raised for meat consumption and are considered to be wild and this makes them be more harmful to domestic rabbits and should not be advised to stay together.

Likewise, rabbit’s too, rabbits can as well transmit diseases and infections to grass cutters and also making them vulnerable. So it’s a two-way thing.
So you make sure you keep them away and from each other to prevent more spread and helps keep them safe and strong.

2. A High Rate of Fighting

Another feature of Cane is their violent nature. This is why they are mainly used for meat and not Pets in most cases.
Keeping your rabbits with Cane rats could be very risky and very dangerous because they may result in fighting and this could lead to some unexpected matters later in the future.

Kane rats tend to be violent most times and when proper measures are not taken, And whenever kept together with rabbits may cause them to attack each other resulting in fighting.

3. loss of hairs

You may be wondering how can keeping Kane rats with rabbit’s lead to loss of hairs or furs, well keeping them together may result in fighting as we said earlier on so as the fighting continues they may get to a point where they start to tear each other hairy or furs out.

This is done with their very sharp fingers going through the rabbit’s body thereby gripping some folds if hair which may then eventually lead to a loss of hair.

The same goes for the rabbits too, in the course of defending themselves, they too may pull out some hairs from the grass cutters. But in some cases, the grass cutter does overpower the Rabbit.

4. They Are Being Considered As Agricultural Pests

Pests are seen as unwanted animals or insects that affect plants. pests in this scenario are centered more on the animal part. cane rats affect crops in the garden thereby causing poor growth of the plants. How does a Cane rat affect rabbits as a pest?
well, when pests (cane rats) feed on plants in the garden they tend to expose the rabbits to eating of the produce in the garden.

When rabbits feed on the garden produce more often, they tend to get used to it causing damages to the crops and leaving you as the farmer to a loss on your farm.

5. They tend to be violent most at times

Cane rats tend to be territorial and when challenged, they fight to defend themselves leading to violent activities. When you keep both species of cane rats and Rabbits in the Same environment, they become violent thereby injuring themselves.

So it is highly advisable you keep them far away and apart to prevent further violent acts.

6. It Can Lead to the Loss of Younger Rabbits

When a cane rat and baby rabbits are kept together, the young rabbit litters are very vulnerable and are being scared by the cane rat. Due to their nature, it is strictly advised they are not kept close to each other.

A mature cane rat being kept together with a rabbit litter is very unsafe because the cane may go wild and may eventually kill almost all the litter. So keeping them away from each other will prevent such from happening.

7. Grass Cutters are Mostly Wild

Yes true they are wild and sometimes dangerous to rabbits. When threatened in the wild, they grunt and run close to water. Why this is so is because cane rats are good swimmers, they swim very free on the water without having any issues moving their body freely.

As wild as they can be, bringing them close to your rabbit or your rabbit farm is not advisable as this may cause bites, hair removal, and maybe even death if your rabbit.

8. Their Gestational Period Differs From that of Rabbits.

Keeping a female Rabbit and a female Cane rat together especially when they are expecting a litter is highly not advisable.

Why this is so is because it takes a rabbit approximately 31 days (their gestational period) to litter and cane rats about 150 days for them to litter.

So mating a rabbit and a cane rat at the same time is very risky and not advisable because the cane rat’s gestational period is longer than that of a Rabbit and so it will subject the New litters to trampling or being eaten by the female cane rat. So try as much as not to let this happen and also help protect and keep them safe.

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9. Their number of litters differs from that of the rabbit’s

This is one issue or should I call it a problem most pet owners or Rabbitfarmers fail to understand. As the gestational period of Rabbit differs from that of the cane rat, so does their litter size differs from each other.

A fully grown matured Rabbit litter every 31 days after mating has occurred They can be able to litter about 8-15 kittens per litter and can be able to litter about seven times per year.

That huge right? and also applies to the cane rat.
It takes a fully grown matured cane rat to 150days to litter and this takes a longer period than the rabbits. Cane rats can be able to litter about 2-3 kittens per litter and that is not much.

This can affect your Rabbit when an expected budget is Beijing set, it makes the owner spend more due to Extra added animals. And this is not that amazing.

10. They are Being Bred Mainly for Meat Consumption.

Grass cutters as we all know are being reared mainly for meat consumption and it is mostly consumed in most parts of Africa especially the western region of Africa.
You trying to buy a cane rat for the purpose of raising as a pet is not that advisable because most people consume them for the purpose of meat.

The same applies to rabbits too but rabbits can be used and can serve as both meat and excellent pets too in fact they are considered as the best meat after poultry.

So keeping a pet rabbit and a wild cane Rabbit together is not very good because it influences the rabbit and sometimes may even put the pet rabbit in danger. So you try as much as possible not to keep them in the Same environment to avoid unnecessary issues.

Can Grasscutters (Cane rats) and Rabbits live Together? – Conclusion

Cane rats and grasscutters have some similarities and this brings about some frequently asked questions, which are been contained and explained in detail in this article.

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