Do Rabbits Get Angry With Their Owners?


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Do Rabbits Get Angry With Their Owners?

Knowing fully well that rabbits are very timid in nature, (mostly the domesticated ones) they can be very violent and angry if it feels threatened.

Research has shown that most of the rabbits that do get angry towards their owners, or all of a sudden becomes violent are considered to be very smart and intelligent. Why? Because It is one of the only ways they can use to express how they feel.

You may be in doubt, whether if ever your sweet loving rabbit can ever get angry at you, well yes, it can. Rabbits can get angry with their owners.

Rabbits also have emotions and feeling too, just like every other well-known pet like cats, dogs, etc. so they use very different means of behavior to express how they feel.

You often get surprised or even shocked when your rabbits get angry or behave violently towards you.
Well, you don’t need to be scared, it’s just their little way of expressing how they feel and that makes you understand them better.

And one good thing about it is that; once they get angry and you understand why? The bond becomes very strong and it also reduces the chances of them getting angry or violent towards you anymore.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to this Article: Do rabbits get angry with their owners?

Can Rabbits Get Mad At You?

Absolutely! Yes, rabbits can get mad at you. What that simply means, is that; I’ve had enough, this is too much to bear, and so on.

And they react by aggressively, either biting on any part of your body that they find accessible at that moment or scratch you violently, which can get you injured.

Cases that resulted in rabbits being very mad didn’t go well, so it is best you always understand how your rabbit behaves and also know how to calm them down when they become mad at you or even a stranger, too.

Why Is My Rabbit Angry At Me?

There are so many reasons, as to why rabbits may be angry at you. You suddenly notice that a young gentle baby rabbit all of a sudden becomes very violent and aggressive, this may be as a result of hormones that make them fight or compete for territory.

But mostly, all these are noticed when they are in their sexual maturity age.
And also not spaying your rabbit too can trigger their hormones when they reach the sexual maturity stage and this can make them very aggressive to you the owner and to other pet rabbits around.

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How Long Does A Rabbit Hold A Grudge?

Funny as it sounds; rabbits do hold grudges with their owners. They make this known by either refusing to be around you, or either refusing to be carried or cuddled.

If it seems to be a very serious grudge, pets are known to always distance their selves for humans to have time for themselves.

But if you understand your rabbit’s behavior, it will be very easy to trick your rabbit into forgiving you, by either making available its favorite toys, treats or maybe pet it on its favorite spot.

Do Rabbits Get Angry With Their Owners? – Conclusion

Though, not everyone knows that rabbits do get angry because they are considered to be very timid and sweet in nature. Well, rabbits do get angry and violent sometimes, but that is just one of their ways of expressing how they feel.

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