Do Rabbits Love To Stay In Cages? (All you need to Know)


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Do Rabbits Love To Stay In Cages? 

When we talk about the best pets for human companions, the rabbit falls under the top three.

Why? This is because they are very good when it comes to relating to Humans, just like cats, dogs, and other common pets.

When it comes to caring for your pet rabbit, housing or where they stay should be one of the most important factors to consider.

Why? Because their environment or where they are being housed contributes a lot to their growth and wellbeing.

In this article, we will be emphasizing more on; do rabbits love to stay in cages? And other related helpful tips that I believe you will find helpful.

Well, generally, pets’ rabbits do not love, or are not too comfortable in cages, most especially when the cage is too small to house them.

The only suitable reasons to keep rabbits in cages, is only when you are not around to keep an eye on them, or when you feel the cage they will be in, is enough to allow free-roaming.

Another reason, could be when you have other pets around of different species, in which you feel when not supervised regularly, could harm your rabbit.

So, that is why it is always advisable to introduce your rabbit to any pet you intend to add to your home.

But still, it is not too advisable to leave or allow your rabbit stay in cages if they are not for any of the above listed reasons.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to this Article: Do Rabbits Love To Stay In Cages?   

How Long Should A Rabbit Stay In A Cage?

Rabbits should be allowed to free roam and exercise their body parts every once in a while. This makes them happy, very healthy, and very active.

As a rabbit owner or parent, it is advised to let your rabbit out of its cage at least once a day and allow it to stay for 1-2 hours outside their cage depending on when they are tired or show signs of returning to the cage.

Rabbits should not be allowed to stay in their cages for a complete 24hours, for this is can be harmful to their health, and they may even cause some damages to their cages when trying to find a way out of the cage, if not properly bunny proofed.

Do make sure to always have some time to let your rabbit have some big space to free roam and get some fresh air.

Should I Cover My Rabbit Cage At Night?

Well, that’s a very good question. Covering your rabbit cage at night should be because of a reason best known to you, and it must be very genuine and must be taken into proper considerations before implementation.

There are so many reasons as to why it is important to cover your rabbit cage at night, and there are also many reasons as to why you should not.

Hold on why while I explain and give reasons.

Why You Should Cover Your Rabbit Cage at Night?

  1. If your rabbit cage is being situated or kept outside your home: It is best advised to cover it at night or maybe throughout the winter season. This helps keep them warm and very comfortable. And also, do ensure to always allow space for proper ventilation, because their delicate respiratory tract could be affected if there isn’t proper ventilation.
  2. They feel more protected and safe: By covering your rabbit’s cage at night, they feel more protected and very safe. Knowing fully well, that they are prey and are very vulnerable to predators.
    That’s one reason why wild rabbits do return to their burrows once it’s nigh time.
  3. They feel very comfortable and warm. When you cover your rabbit cage with a blanket, a bedsheet, or any other suitable materials, they feel very warm and very comfortable.
  4. Advice from an expert or a friend: A rabbit expert or a veterinarian may advise you to do so. Though it must not be an expert, it may be a friend or a close relative. Advises like that should be taken into proper considerations before implementation.

Why You Should Not Cover Your Rabbit Cage at Night

  1. They have Poor vision at night: Rabbits find it hard to see at night, and covering their cage with a blanket or any suitable material is not even advisable.
  2. It may affect their respiratory system: When the rabbits cage is being covered completely at night, there is a high tendency that it may likely affect its respiratory system. Knowing fully well, that their respiratory system is very delicate.
    So, it is best advised to always allow some space for proper in-flow fresh air, and try as much as possible to make away with hays that are too dusty whenever the cage is covered. By doing so, you are protecting your rabbit from suffocation.
  3. The material might be a bit dusty: The material that you may use to cover your rabbits cage might be very dusty and may as well be unbearable for your rabbit.

Another important one to consider is that rabbit urine has a strong smell, and when proper ventilation is restricted, it can be bad for your rabbit. 

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Are Cages Good or Bad For Rabbits?

Generalizing it, the answer to that is a “NO”. Rabbits need lots of space to exercise their body, feel relaxed and at the same time, be very active.

Rabbits should not be kept in cages for up to 24hours; there should be at least a break of 1-2 hours of free-roaming, which is very much needed for every healthy rabbit.

If you must keep a rabbit in a cage, do well to ensure that the cage or pen is well-spaced to accommodate your rabbit and also free space to run around, well-aerated, and easy to access.

Do Rabbits Love To Stay In Cages? – Conclusion

Well, rabbits do not love to stay in cages for very long periods. They don’t find it very comfortable, especially when the cage is very small to be able to house them or even for free roam.

At least, they should be allowed to free roam for 1-2hours every day. This helps them to be very active, strengthen their immune system and so much more.

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