How Do Bunnies Act After Giving Birth?


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How Do Bunnies Act After Giving Birth?

When rabbits litter, like a rabbit parent, there are many questions that may be running through the mind. Some of which are; what do I do? How do I ensure they are well-fed, how often do I check upon them?

What type of feed should I feed the female rabbit? Should I separate the male from the female rabbit and her litter?  How do female bunnies behave after they just littered newly and so much more?

But in this article, we will be talking more about how do bunnies act after giving birth?  Well, as said earlier on, not everyone knows or is familiar with how to care for a rabbit litter or knows how the female rabbit behaves after they just littered.

When bunnies give birth, most especially in the wild, they do not stay in the nest always, in fact, it is very rare to see them in their nest with their new babies.

Why? Because they do not want to attract predators to their nest. So, the babies find their way of burrowing holes to prevent predators. The female does feed them once in a while, or maybe once a day. But these are on rare occasions.

If it happens to be a domestic bunny that just gave birth, it is very different from that of a wild rabbit. They won’t worry about shelter, predators, etc.

So, they are known to stay with their babies in the cage almost all the time and feed or nurse their young ones either once or twice a day.

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What Do I do After my rabbit gives birth?

As soon as your rabbit gives birth, you must, first of all, make sure she is okay and well-fed. After then you let mama rabbit rest a few weeks after her babies have been weaned.

Why this is necessary, is because their body needs to fall back to shape and become very fit before they can take in again.

You can also visit the vet for a proper check and also get important tips that could be helpful.

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How Do I Know if my Mother rabbit is feeding her Babies?

It is sometimes very tricky or difficult to know if the mother rabbit is feeding her young ones. But, I tell you, it isn’t. It’s very simple and easy to know.

If The baby rabbit(s) are always warm, they do not have wrinkled skin, and they are always together and have a very round belly, which is a very good sign that the female rabbit is feeding her babies.

Once you notice these, do well not to always disturb them. But it’s preferable you check on them maybe once or twice a day.

You can reduce the number of times you check up on the babies once their eyes are opened, maybe 7-10 days after they are being given birth.

Will a mother rabbit kill her babies if you touch them?

There is a popular myth that says; “if you touch the babies of a rabbit when they are littered newly, the female rabbit will reject them or not even feed on them.”

But, it not as it seems. Rabbits are known to identify the smell of their owners and get familiar with it. Most especially if it bonds well with you.

So in essence, touching their new litters will in no way stop her from nursing them or maybe even kill her babies. Why? Because they are able to identify your smell and they trust you so much.

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There are also cases of a rabbit who kills their babies, which may be due to being a first-time mother, or an early mother that is not fully matured or is ready to take care of babies.

How Do Bunnies Act After Giving Birth? – Conclusion

After rabbits give birth, they do change how they behave, either increase in food consumption, a little bit aggressive behavior, etc.

they feed their young babies either once or twice a day. most often, they do not stay in the nest with their young ones, so as to prevent predators from coming.

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