How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is (5 Easy Steps)


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When you have an expectant doe (A female rabbit that is about to litter), or already have a doe that has already littered, it is paramount that you take upon yourself to take care of them to the maximum, to enable good growth and proper upbringing.

And also, we fail to keep track of their age, to be able to know how to take care of them and know when they will be due for weaning.

There are many instances that will result in you finding out the age of a baby rabbit some of which may be to the fact that they being rescued from the wild, being adopted, or bought from a pet store or a friend.

Or you had no idea when the doe littered and you intend to find out their age or how old the litters are.

This brings us to the main topic of this article,

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How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is (5 Easy Steps)

Below here, are easy 5 steps to help you tell how old your baby rabbit is, they are been listed and explained in detail.

  • They begin to develop an interest in solid feeds and vegetables
  • Weighing them to determine the age
  • They begin to grow fur 
  • They are normally blind, deaf, and ears dropping.
  • Taking your baby rabbit to the vet.

1. They Begin To Develop Interest in Solid Feeds and Vegetables

This is the most common stage and the easiest way to help tell or determine how old your baby rabbit is, at this stage (2-3weeks of age), they develop an interest in solid feeds like pellets, which are very nutritious and help boost growth in baby rabbits. Or they start feeding on vegetables or hay which is very essential for every rabbit, especially a young rabbit.

When you notice this, you can be able to tell that your baby rabbit is 2weeks or 3 weeks of age.

2. Weighing Them to Determine Age

This is another excellent step to help you determine or tell the age of your baby rabbit. There is a certain weight your baby rabbit will weigh which can be a determining factor for you to know its age.

When your baby rabbit is being weighed, it is advisable to take them to the vet, because they will be able to do it better. Except if you’re a rabbit expert.

If your rabbit weighs about ½ or 1 ounce, it is likely to say that it is a newly born rabbit, within the age of 3-7 days.

Or if they weigh about 3-5ounce, you can be able to say they 3weeks of age or even 2weeks.

N: B  There is some rabbit litter that does exceed those sizes mentioned above, why? Because the size of the litter may be little, consisting of maybe 2 or 5 kittens and this is very easy for the female rabbit to take care of and they seem to grow very fast compared to a litter of 8 or even 12

3. Their Begin To Grow  Fur

When you notice the fur of your rabbit is beginning to come up, after sometimes of being hairless, this is a good sign to help you determine how old your baby rabbit is.

Baby rabbits better known as kittens begin to grow furs between 1-2weeks of birth, and when you notice that, it is a clear way to help you know the age of your baby rabbit and this gives you the confidence to say that my rabbit is 1week or 2weeks of age.

4. They Are Normally Blind, Deaf, And Ears Dropping.

Baby rabbits when born, are normally blind, deaf, and also have their ears dropping, that is to say, they cannot see anything or hear anything, they only make use of their nostrils for detecting smell, mostly the female rabbit’s breast milk.

This is often noticed within the first week of kindling, (The process of giving birth in rabbits.) is within 3-10 days of parturition.

So, this is also a trusted alternative that can help determine how old your baby rabbit is.

5. Taking Your Baby Rabbit to the Vet

This happens to be one of the most trusted steps or ways that you can help tell or determine the age of your baby rabbit, which is visiting your vet doctor to help carry out some necessary measures to help determine the age of your baby rabbit.

Why most rabbit pet owners prefer this; is because they are very reliable and would give you an accurate and appropriate answer, not 100percent though, but they are very reliable.

They don’t just tell you the age of your rabbit, but also provide you with trusted tips on how to properly take care of your baby rabbit.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions ) Related to this Article: How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is (5 Easy Steps)

When Do Baby Bunnies Leave The Nest?

Baby rabbits start walking or begin to leave their nest within 2-3weeks of age after kindling. At this stage, they move around their nest or out of their nest, maybe to walk around or to feed on some little particles of feeds.

At this stage, their legs are not fully firm and strong on the ground to be able to support their movement; they begin to walk or even start to run at exactly 3 weeks to 1 month of age, by that time, their legs are strong enough to be able to walk or run.

What Is A Baby Bunny Called?

The name given to young baby rabbits is called Kittens. When born, they appear blind, deaf, and very hairless.

When female rabbits give Kindle, they give birth to young ones known as kittens; they are very cute it is very recommended that you always take good care of them to avoid anything bad to happen to them.

When proper care is not given to your kittens, they become affected by harsh weather conditions and disease around them, so it is very advisable you always seek the attention of your vet whenever your female rabbit kindles.

How Many Babies Do Rabbits Have?

Female rabbit’s litter’s range from 1-15 litters of kittens per kindle (the process of giving birth in young rabbits).

The average number of kittens that are being produced per kindle ranges from 5-7 kittens per litter.

It is often sometimes very difficult to determine the amount or size of litter that your female doe will litter, but we just make a rough estimate or better still take them to the vet for proper guidance.

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Do Rabbits Eat Their Young?

Yes! Female rabbits or doe eat their young ones or litters. Well, this is not common in rabbits and it’s not a common behavior known about rabbits.

Most people, who breed rabbits for the purpose of selling, often complain about how their female rabbits eat their young ones, but this may be due to the fact that it is her first time she littered or maybe proper care wasn’t administered.

Or maybe much feed wasn’t provided as soon she littered, because, at that moment, they need to fill in some empty space in their system. And if nothing is provided, they result In eating their young ones.

How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is (5 Easy Steps) – Conclusion

Rabbits are really fun animals to have as pets and having a baby rabbit is just the perfect idea. and when you do, you might find it difficult or you would want to know the age of your baby rabbit, so this article has been explained in detail to help assist you and give you important and additional guides on how to determine the age of your baby rabbit.

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