How to Carry a Rabbit ( Tips & Guidelines )


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Rabbits love to be handled and taken with care whenever they are being carried, either by their owners, friend, or even a stranger.

Cuddling and pampering your rabbit is highly necessary, and trust me they do love being cuddled especially younger rabbits.

Most rabbits don’t like to be carried, while some do prefer only to be carried by their owners and while others don’t even mind being carried by a stranger or anyone else. Funny isn’t it?

Now to the main reason for this article, How to Carry a rabbit.  Most people don’t know how to carry a rabbit properly, even pet owners too but why this is so, is because sometimes they do not have a guide to put them through on how to do so

Well, no worries after going through this article, you will learn how to carry a rabbit properly and other related topics too.

Below here are the proper and best ways to carry your rabbit

  • Ensure you hold the rabbit firmly but in a tender manner
  • Make sure their back and tail end is supported by your hand
  • Carry them safely

1. Ensure You Hold the Rabbit Firmly but In a Tender Manner

This is the first step to successfully carrying your rabbit in a proper way. When you are about to carry a rabbit, do ensure the rabbit is in a good position to be carried, (to avoid getting a scratch), then you make use of one hand to hold the rabbit firmly but in a tender manner for as this helps comes down their nerves.

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2. Make Sure Their Back and Tail End Is Supported By Your Hand

After being held firmly but in a gentle way, kindly make use of your other hand to gently support their back and tail end (hindquarters) to enable full support of their entire body.

For as this gives them full balance and support when carried.

3. Carry Them Safely

After following these steps, then you can carry your rabbit without any fear of them struggling to jump down or injuring (scratch) you.

I bet that wouldn’t happen because no rabbit would resist being carried in a proper and gentle manner.

Below here is a video that explains it more:

FAQ’s (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS )  RELATED TO THE ARTICLE: How to Carry a Rabbit ( Tips & Guidelines )

Do Rabbits Like To Be Carried?

Carrying rabbits in the wrong way is not too advisable and it is very bad for the rabbit. Most rabbits prefer to be carried and while some do not, because some of them may prefer to run around the cage, garden, or home and play around until they get tired.

As said earlier on, no rabbit would resist being carried in a proper way, Rabbits love to be carried and cuddled most times.

But when not done right, they may resist.

Never try to carry your rabbit by its ear, or try to carry them from their waist, or even use one hand to carry them.

It is very bad and dangerous to them; it may go as far as causing an injury to them or even lead to bones being broken or fractured especially young rabbits.

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How Do You Pick Up A Rabbit Without Getting Scratched?

Carrying a rabbit wrongly most times may result in you getting scratched and injured and even the rabbit too may be affected, because when you carry a rabbit wrongly, and they begin to struggle and may end up scratching you and you would have no option than to drop or even throw them away.

Well, that is not advisable and must not be tried without the right measures.

When carrying your rabbit, make sure they are in the right condition to be carried, firmly but gently hold the rabbit without your hand and use your other hand to support their back and their tail end (hindquarters).

When you do so, they cannot scratch you; rather they even feel more protected and comfortable. Even if they try, the manner in which you hold them is very safe and protected.

How to Pet a Rabbit

Being a pet owner requires you to show your rabbit care and love in a way you deem it fit.

Rabbits need to be handled with care and don’t need to be startled whenever you approach them.

Before you pet a rabbit, you need to have some of these in mind;

  • The most important part is to know the mood or condition of your rabbit to get a good relationship at that moment.
  • You need to show and make them know that you want to be with them.
  • Do make sure you spread your hands-free as this will build confidence.
  • With your hand stretched out, you may decide to hold a treat on your palm to make the rabbit more interested in you.
  • When the rabbit approaches you, use your other hand to rub on their head to make the rabbit feel comfortable while they feed on the treat from your other hand.
  • After rubbing the rabbit on the head with your hand, carry your rabbit gently and put them in your desired area where they will feel comfortable.
  • When done, make sure you gently drop them on the floor to move around or you may choose to keep them in their hutch or cage.

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Can you carry a Rabbit by Its Ears?

It is not advisable to carry a rabbit by its ear, for as this affects their health and may even cause injuries to the rabbit and to you carrying the rabbit too.

Carrying a rabbit by its ear makes it violent and very uncomfortable and may scratch you if care is not taken.

Do not attempt to carry your rabbit from the ear, for it very dangerous and unsafe for you and the rabbit too.

Do ensure you carry them properly and follow the right measures as this will keep your rabbit strong and healthy and also reduce the chances of getting injured.

How to Pick Up A Rabbit That Hates It

As said earlier, not all rabbits love to be carried or enjoy being carried.

When you get your rabbit newly or you happen to find a rabbit wandering about either in your farm, garden, or in the wild, you must, first of all, develop a mutual connection between you and the rabbit (have an interest in taking care of them).

This helps the rabbit build confidence and trust for you when you want to approach the rabbit.

When you want to pick up a rabbit that hates being carried, the first thing you have to do is;  create a connection between you and your rabbit such as spending a lot of time with them and understanding their mood and how to treat them at that moment.

Kindly approach your rabbit, and after then, begin to bring your hand slowly because they may get violent and may decide to scratch you, after setting your hands out, begin to rub their head and ears together to help calm them down, Slowly use your other hand to support their back and tail end and then gently carry them.

Do make sure you do it properly because rabbits love to be treated gently and taken with much care and love.

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How to hold A Baby Rabbit

There are so many different ways to properly hold your baby rabbits, you maybe be doing it wrong, but trust me, after reading this article, you would get some tips on how to hold your baby rabbit properly.

Baby rabbits are very cute and lovable animals that require more attention and excess care because they are very young and are exposed to some diseases or harsh weather conditions that normally affect them at their tender age.

Before you pick up a baby rabbit, do make sure your hands are clean and free from some communicable diseases, then, gently carry the baby rabbit and place on your palm or any desired area on your body that would be comfortable for them.

Then do ensure they feel comfortable and protected and then begin to rub their body gently.

Once you carry your baby rabbit like this, they just don’t feel the warmth, but also it also makes them safe and secure.

Never attempt to carry a rabbit by its ear or try to pick your rabbit by the waist, it is really not a good idea and should not be done, for as this will cause more harm than good to your baby rabbits.

How to Carry a Rabbit ( Tips & Guidelines ) – Conclusion

Most rabbit pet owners do not know how to properly carry a rabbit or sometimes, do it the wrong way. carrying your rabbit in the proper way is really good and makes them build a strong trust. Do not carry your rabbit as explained in the post and do ensure to follow the proper steps and guidelines explained in detail.

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