How to Make Rabbit grow faster: 5 Steps To Ensure Maximum Growth In Rabbits


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How to Make Rabbit grow faster: 5 Steps To Ensure Maximum Growth In Rabbits

Have you been wondering, why does my rabbit not grow as big or fast as I want or why does my rabbit not get fat despite all the feeding, care, and so much attention and effort that being is invested in them?

Well, this article is just for you. So stick to your screen and enjoy the reading.

Rabbits come in different sizes, breeds, and colors, etc. So depending on your interest and how you want your rabbit to be at that to grow to the desired size of yours. Making your rabbit grow faster maybe because you are a farmer that intends to sell them or use them as a source of income because they would get a lot of interest from the sales of the rabbit.

No rabbit buyer would love to buy a rabbit that is not big enough or would love to purchase a rabbit that does not meet their expected size.

So that when the idea pops into your mind How to make rabbits grow faster. There is no magic to be performed in the process of ensuring speedy growth for your rabbit. So I will be providing you with tips to ensure fast growth in your rabbit.

These steps will help to ensure fast growth in your rabbit or your rabbit farm;

  1. Get breeds that grow very fast
  2. Make sure you provide them with quality housing
  3. Provide them with quality feed
  4. Avoid getting old rabbits
  5. Always seek medical advice from your veterinarian

1. Get Breeds That Grow Very Fast

Making a good choice of rabbit breeds that grow very fast can be a little bit challenging, But don’t be bothered with that.

When choosing rabbit breeds that grow very fast, you should go for breeds like the Flemish giants, The Chinchilla, New Zealand rabbit and so much more. But depending on your choice of breed you may choose to make your own decision.

These breeds of rabbits are known to grow very fast and very big in size, only if they are being taken care of and fed properly if not so, they become malnourished and begin to have limited growth thereby leading to weight loss and stunted growth.

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2. Make Sure You Provide Them With Quality Housing

You may be wondering, how can quality housing help improve my rabbit’s growth and make them grow fast. Well, the environment you keep your rabbit influences their growth and also plays a role in ensuring your rabbit grow faster.

Rabbits love to be kept in dry and warm environments because they are more likely to grow bigger and faster, compared to rabbits kept in very cold environments.

Rabbits in cold environments appear to be skinnier compared to those kept in warm environments.

It is also wise to note that keeping your rabbit in large cages, hutches or colonies is really not a good idea to start with because they are free to run freely due to excess space provided and this makes them use more of their muscle strength and energy needed for proper growth, which is very important for a big and healthy rabbit.

3. Provide Them With Quality Feed

This is very important to consider because quality feeding will go a long way to ensure your rabbit grows very fast and big. Proper feeding and maintaining a balanced ration helps improve rabbit growth.

Providing protein-related feeds contributes a lot to the rabbit’s growth and is needed for fast growth in the rabbit and also exposing the rabbit to natural feeds like grass hay, grains, and so on.

18 to 20% percent of protein assisted with pellets will be a good start for improving your rabbit growth and make them grow very fast. All these may take some time to manifest but it’s worth it in the end.

4. Avoid Getting Old Rabbits

Before you get a rabbit, do have it in mind that you get a rabbit within the age of 2 to 6months of age, that is if your aim of buying is to make them grow fast and very big for sales in the market.

Try not to get a rabbit above 1year of age, why? Because rabbits that age or above that are more likely not to improve more in size and their speed of growth may be limited.

Or try not getting a rabbit below 6weeks of age because they are not fully matured and if adopted, this may affect their litter size when they are fully matured to be able to litter.

So that is why it is more advisable to get rabbits within the ages of 2-6 months of age, why? Because at that age they are very strong are more likely to consume more feeds and that is what their body needs during those periods and when properly fed well, they grow very big and most importantly very fast, even when they are old, they still retain their size and are likely to pass it on to their offsprings.

5. Always Seek Medical Advice From Your Veterinarian

Never fail to always seek help from your veterinarian or a rabbit expert so as to know what to do and maybe get some proper medications or advice, if need be.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to the Article: How to Make Rabbit grow faster: 5 Steps To Ensure Maximum Growth In Rabbits

How Can I Make My Rabbit Gain Weight Fast?

You may be noticing some changes in your rabbit and may find out that it is weight loss. Weight loss is one of the major challenges or problems encountered as a rabbit breeder and this really affects rabbits of almost all ages and breeds.

Feeding rabbits with fiber, dry foods, fresh foods like grass, and foods that contain calories will help improve a rabbit’s weight when properly administered.

Maintaining a balanced ration for your rabbit feed and also monitor how you feed them to help prevent obesity, gaining weight does not entirely mean you need to overfeed your rabbit, gaining weight simply has to do with improving the rabbit’s size and market value to help make good sales as a farmer.

Keeping your rabbit fit can help to also improve rabbit weight gain, a little run around will do just fine.

Fattening Foods For Rabbits

Weight gain is really important for every healthy rabbit and mostly needed by farmers who are interested to add weight to their rabbits.

Providing them with foods that contain plenty of fiber is very necessary, also natural food like grass hay is highly advisable, Alfalfa feeds which contains a lot of protein which is needed in large quantities for rabbits.

Fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots that contain lots of energies are still very recommended for rabbits that need fattening.

Below here are some of the feeds that would be good for your rabbit in terms of fattening or weight gain:

1. Sherwood Pet Health Rabbit Food-Adult, Timothy/Alfalfa Blend


2. Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Food


This feed is made in such a way that it satisfies your rabbit’s taste, it is made up of many important nutrients that will help improve your rabbit weight.

3. Kaytee Timothy Complete Rabbit Food  


It contains fibers that help in boosting rabbit growth and also contains some other important nutritional ingredients.

Do Rabbits Grow Fast?

Rabbits do grow fast only when they are being fed properly and well taken care of and also seeking help and advice from your veterinarian for proper guidance.

Rabbits grow very fast and depending on the breed involved, it will also determine how fast and well rabbits grow.

Providing them with feeds that are highly packed with nutrients is very advisable and will go a long way in ensuring your rabbit grow faster.

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How Long Before A Rabbit Is Fully Grown?

It takes a rabbit 5 to 9 months to be fully matured, and when they are matured, they can be ready to be either used for mating, meat production, and even fur production.

Irrespective of the breed, most times the rabbit maturity may take longer or even earlier to manifest, breeds like the Flemish Giant will grow faster and is more likely to reach the maturity stage in a very short time due to their nature of fast growth.

How to Make Rabbit grow faster: 5 Steps To Ensure Maximum Growth In Rabbits – Conclusion

Growth and development is a gradual process, with time and proper guidance, you will attain the desired and expected size you intend your rabbit to reach. This article has been explained in detail for easy understanding and proper guidance.

Always improve the growth of your rabbit the natural way and NEVER try anything that would be harmful to the health of your rabbit, all in the name of improving its growth, because it’s a gradual process and must be followed with ease.

We appreciate you visiting our site, I hope by now you are impacted with much knowledge and at the same time, learned one or two from this article “How to Make Rabbit grow faster: 5 Steps To Ensure Maximum Growth In Rabbits“.

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