How to Trim a Rabbits Nails (Step by Step Guide)


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How to Trim a Rabbits Nails ( Step by Step Guide)

Rabbits are generally known for growing long nails and it is very common with rabbits of all breeds, but mainly adult rabbits.

Notwithstanding, there are also young rabbits that do grow long nails, not because of a condition or anything, it may be because of fast growth( in cases where the litter sizes are not much, they do grow very fast within a short period of time because of excess feeding from the female doe).

You may discover your rabbit(s) digging in the backyard, making use of their nails to scratch the chair, couch, carpets, rug, or even their own toys or cage.

Or some may even decide to scratch you when startled or when they feel insecure.

When this is noticed, you may decide to check your rabbit’s nails. It is very necessary and highly important to trim nails to help reduce the chances of continuous digging or getting objects damaged due to continuous scratching.

Before you trim your rabbit’s nails, it is recommended you need a rabbit pet nail clipper. They are often small and easy to use on rabbits, they have the shape of scissors, but has a different blade and often shorter than scissors.

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They are made specifically for small pet animals such as rabbits, cats, etc. and they are 100percent efficient and very advisable for your rabbits or any small pet animal.

You may decide to lift the rabbit by yourself and do the trimming, or you may decide to call someone to assist you with that, Make use of pet clippers and gently place it in between the nail you intend to trim, gently make a slow and gentle cut in such a way the rabbit won’t get hurt.

Do ensure you don’t make a fast cut immediately, so as to avoid causing injury to the rabbit or end up breaking the nails. Do not trim the entire finger out, for this is very risky for the rabbit.

watch the full video here.

FAQ’s (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS) RELATED TO THIS ARTICLE: How to Trim a Rabbits Nails (Step by Step Guide)

How to Cut an Aggressive Rabbits Nails

In the process of wanting to trim your rabbit’s nail, it may decide to resist and would always want to try everything possible not to get its nail cut.

This may be because it doesn’t like it or it always feels threatened or very uncomfortable and that is why it normally resists.

Tightly but gently hold your rabbit in such a way to make it feel very secured and comfortable, especially in its favorite petting spot.

Gently make use of your pet clippers to make a smooth and slow cut to the rabbit’s nails while petting it, either by rubbing its back or its head depending on the type your pet rabbit is used to.

Or if you don’t feel you can do it alone, you may decide to seek the assistance of someone to help you do so, while you do the cutting.

It is often very necessary and advisable for two people to do the cutting of a rabbit nail because it is an aggressive rabbit you are handling.

Another way to do this is; gently lift your rabbit in a close but gentle manner, and gently make use of a soft piece of cloth material that can be able to allow passage of your rabbit’s fingernails (it mustn’t be all the fingers that may pass through the soft material at once, do you may decide to do it one after the other), after that you make a smooth and soft cut depending on how low you want it trimmed.

Do ensure you do it properly and in a clean way, and also make sure to take every process with ease despite the fact that it’s an aggressive rabbit involved.

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How To Cut A scared Rabbits Nails

Rabbits are very lovely and very calm animals to have as pets; they are usually frightened by loud noises, and not to talk about when their nails are about to be trimmed.

They often get scared, and it is often advised you let your vet do the trimming of your rabbit nails or let them direct you on how to go about it, such as telling you which size is suitable to be trimmed, what tools are to be used, some safety measures to be taken, and lots more.

You need to make your rabbit feel safe and much secured by holding them firm but gently and rubbing it in its favorite petting area, or you may decide to feed it its favorite pet treat.

By doing so, you have already succeeded in calming your rabbit down and you will slowly make use of your pet clippers to make a clean and smooth cut to the rabbit nail depending on the length instructed by your vet so as not to make a wrong cut that may injure your rabbit or cause bleeding.

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Can You Cut Rabbit Nails with Scissors?

There are different methods involved in successfully trimming your rabbit’s nails, but it only requires a pet clipper to successfully do that.

Making use of scissors is not advisable for trimming rabbit nails, because they are not safe and secure to use for rabbits they may end up causing pains and injuries to your rabbit, and this not advisable.

Do make use of pet clippers to safely cut your rabbit’s nails and do ensure they are very safe to use and ensure to always make use of the appropriate tools needed.

Pet clippers for cats or any other small animal pets will do just fine because their nails have no too much difference.

How to Keep Rabbits Nails Short Without Cutting

Not everyone would always love to trim their rabbit’s nails may be because they find it difficult to do so or very stressful, while some may be due to fear of causing harm to their pet rabbits such as bleeding, breaking of fingernails, injuries, and lots more.

So they may decide to look for a way to actually keep their rabbit’s nails short without actually having to cut or trim their nails always.

Well, it has no magic to be done to make it short forever, it has to do with consistency, and just for a certain period of time, it’ll get used to it.

You can make your rabbit’s nails stay short and clean by always cutting a small number of their nails once or twice in every week that goes by (always ensure you trim or cut it to a particular desired length always), by so doing, it will get to a certain stage whereby it no longer exceeds the normal size you usually trim or cut it to. This process is what is best known as nibbling.

It is very best to adopt this method because it has no side effects on your rabbit and this would save you a lot of time stress.

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How to Restrain a Rabbit For Nail Clipping

Clipping rabbit’s nails are very important to every rabbit’s health and it is often advised you clip their nails once a while to prevent it from becoming too long.

When a rabbit’s nails are not clipped, it tends to pose a threat to their health and this is not good. When rabbit nails are being clipped as required, they make them feel comfortable and make them hop very comfortably and it helps reduces the chances of them scratching or getting objects destroyed in the home, office, etc.

Restrain in this scenario has to with limiting the rabbit’s movement or avoiding it from moving within a limited area.

Most pet owners find it hard to do so, and this is one reason you need this article. Just follow the steps that will be listed below and follow them carefully to achieve your desired results.

1. Tightly but Gently hold Your Rabbit

You need to keep your rabbit on your lap or on a plain surface that is no slippery to help make it balance and very comfortable and hold it in very tightly but gently, in case it decides to resist.

Do make sure not to force on its back, it may end up breaking a bone in the rabbit’s body and rabbits’ bodies are very fragile and any little force may affect them in a very bad way.

So it is highly advisable to take measures whenever you are handling them.

2. Gently Rub It on Its Favorite Petting Spot

This is done to help make the rabbit feel comfortable and very relaxed, sometimes they tend to breathe smoothly and this is a sign that shows that they are fine and ok. You may decide to rub their head or their ears depending on their favorite spot.

3. Feed It, Its Favorite Pet Treat 

You may decide to feed your rabbit its favorite treat to help calm down its nerves and make it feel relaxed so as to enable you to achieve your aim of clipping their nails.

4. Do A Thorough Check on Your Rabbit’s Nails

This is also very important to consider when you want to clip your rabbit’s nails. Checking their nails to know how thick they are, how long or how sharp they are, and other related things.

5. Make Use of a Suitable Clipper for Your Rabbit

Making use of a good clipper for trimming your rabbit nails is very important and should be considered. Try to use a clipper for young rabbits if it’s a young rabbit you want to get its nail clipped and likewise for adult rabbits too.

Try to use a clipper that suites your rabbit’s nail size, if it’s a long nail or a short one, or if it’s very big or very small, try to make use of the suitable clipper.

How to Trim a Rabbits Nails (Step by Step Guide) – Conclusion

Rabbit nails are known to grow so long and as responsible pet owners, it is your duty to trim their nails or take it to your vet. In this article, we have provided you with trusted tips, best products that will guard and assist you in successfully trimming your rabbit’s nails.

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