How To Care For A Rabbit Indoors


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How To Care For A Rabbit Indoors

Ensuring your rabbits are healthy and strong should be one of your major priorities as a pet owner or a rabbit breeder.

When you administer proper care to your rabbit, they grow very healthy, strong, and most importantly prevent contamination of diseases.

In this article, I will be giving you trusted tips and guidelines on how to properly take care of your rabbits indoors. But before that, what is an indoor rabbit?  An indoor rabbit is a rabbit that spends most of its time inside the home or is kept mainly inside the home.

This may be because of fear of thieves, harsh weather conditions, Wild animals (Predators), Disease outbreak, or any other reason best known to you.

The indoor rabbit gets protected from predators, harsh weather, disease, and infections and also has a continuous supply of feed in the right proportion.

Tips And Guidelines To Take Care of An Indoor Rabbit:

  1. Ensure you set up a safe indoor housing
  2. Bunny proof your house
  3. Provide fresh greens, fiber-rich pellets, and freshwater
  4. Provide fresh Hay
  5. Regular grooming
  6. Provide enrichment
  7. Regular deworming
  8. A Visit to the veterinarian once a while for a checkup


1. Ensure You Set Up A Safe Indoor Housing

This is the first guide you need to take in ensuring maximum care for your indoor rabbit; an indoor rabbit without a safe place to stay is no longer referred to as an indoor rabbit.

Setting up an indoor house for your rabbit maybe sometimes tricky and time-consuming but fun in the end because you get to see your bunny rabbit safe, comfortable and happy.

When choosing a safe indoor house for your rabbit, you need to have some of these in mind;

  • Ensure you get a home or a cage suitable for you rabbit size
  • Ensure the cage or home is surrounded with wire nettings as this makes the rabbit get a clear view and receives fresh air.
  • Keep the cage in a well-ventilated area
  • Do ensure you provide a well good hay feeder and drinker for them.
  • To ensure they are safe from harsh weather conditions
  • Ensure your rabbit is safe from predators

2. Bunny Proof Your House

Bunny proofing your rabbit cage or home has to do with keeping the doors always closed and the drawers closed most of the time as this makes them stay safer from the outside and also safe from some little or accidents at home.

Before you bunny proof your rabbit cage, do make sure the doors and drawers are closed as said earlier on for as this will not only protect them but protect them from being stuck in them.

Your rabbit may be interested in some of the treats or vegetables that are available at home especially in the kitchen or the dining room for as this may make them move out of their cage or home.

So it is advisable you bunny proof their cage or home to help prevent such things from happening.

3. Provide Fresh Greens, Fiber-rich Pellets and Freshwater

Fresh greens, fiber-rich pellets, and most especially, freshwater are essentials for every healthy rabbit. They need to be provided in the right ration for them.

It is recommended you provide your indoor rabbit with some of these essentials as this helps strengthen their immune system and their boost body metabolism.


4. Provide Fresh Hay


Hay plays a very paramount role in every healthy rabbit diet. Providing your indoor rabbit with fresh hay (Dry grass)  will go a long way in ensuring they stay healthy and help strengthen their dental formula. and always make you provide them with this fresh hay.

5. Regular Grooming

Grooming has to with dressing and keeping your rabbit always clean and healthy. Grooming emphasizes more the care of their furs.

Regular grooming for your indoor rabbit is very important as this will help prevent hair tangling, host for insects (ectoparasites), and hairs getting cut up with their cages.

Grooming your indoor rabbit will help your rabbit stay very clean and attractive and I believe that what you want.

6. Provide Enrichment

Enrichment has to with providing and engaging your rabbit with physical and psychological activities within the environment.

Enrichment in simple terms has to do with socializing your rabbit and providing them with playing companions.

Enrichment is very good for every rabbit as this makes them socialize and tend to build them psychologically.

When you provide your rabbit with enrichments, they tend to socialize more and improve their physical activities.

One of the best things you can do for your indoor rabbit is providing them with enrichment because they stay indoors always and providing them with such is highly advisable.

7. Regular Deworming

Not everyone does deworm their rabbit, some don’t even deworm while some do and some do once in a while.

But taking the veterinarian’s advice and recommendations for how often you deworm your rabbits is very advisable.

Rabbits are normally dewormed every three months after a few weeks of being born.

Why it is necessary to deworm an indoor rabbit is because as time goes on, there are some foods they eat, that end up causing some worm accumulation in their body, so it is advised you follow the veterinarian advice on deworming your rabbits.

8. A Visit To The Veterinarian Once A While For A Checkup

A regular visit to the vet is really not a bad idea at all because they provide you with tips; recommend drugs and treatment for rabbits.

Vet play a paramount role to help keep rabbit safe, because they tell you what to do, carry out tests and some other necessary jobs

Do ensure you take your indoor rabbit to the vet for a regular checkup to help detect any malfunction or abnormality in their body system



Are Rabbits Easy To Take Care Of?

When picking a rabbit from the pet store or buying from a friend, it is advisable you plan on how many can you take care of, can I be able to take care of them?.

Some of these questions should be answered by you before picking or buying them.

It is quite easy and sometimes tasks to take care of rabbits but as time goes on, you get used to it and it becomes a normal thing.

They don’t cost much to take care of if the right measures are being put into consideration. Taking care of a rabbit is really fun and if you the type that loves a bunny? Just give a try and get one for yourself.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Rabbit Indoors?

Keeping your rabbit indoors restrict them from some activities such as running around, socialization, and lots more  For as they are very smart animals that always need love, care, and attention.

Keeping your rabbit indoors restricts them from moving freely in the environment, and if this continues, it may lead to obesity and also to some malformation if the movement is restricted to a certain area for a long time.

Rabbits don’t like to be kept in a place for a long time and as a pet owner, you need to know that too.

Try not to always keep your rabbit in a confined space for a very long time; do ensure you take a walk once a while with your rabbit to help strengthen their bones and muscles.

Do Rabbits Make Good House Pets?

Keeping a rabbit as a pet is really an amazing idea because they are very friendly, loving, and cute animals to be with.

Absolutely Yes, Rabbits make excellent pets almost compared to dogs and other animals. and adopting one would be very amazing.

How To Care For A Rabbit Indoors – Conclusion

Most of the rabbits are mainly indoor rabbits and we as responsible pet owners always make sure to provide the best for them and always show them that maximum care. rabbits that are kept indoors are more protected and get maximum care compared to those kept outside.

Kindly follow the detailed and concise steps in this article and show your indoor rabbit that maximum cars it deserves.

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