Is A rabbit a Rodent? (All you need to know)


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Is A rabbit a Rodent? (All you need to know)

Rabbits are mostly or often classified as rodents, and other animals too, like the hares, pika, etc. but well, it is not right, but with the help of this important and informative article, you will get to know, if rabbits are to be classified, as rodents or not.

And other important related content that will help broaden your understanding.
Rabbits are not to be confused or mistaken as rodents; their disparities are so much different, ranging from the type and amount of teeth, and their category of feeding habits.

Rabbits have four incisors (teeth), and they mainly feed on vegetables, not all, but most of them.
While rodents have two incisors and are not classified as herbivores, rather, they are best regarded as omnivores; they both feed on plants and flesh. E.g. rats, etc.

No, rabbit is not a rodent, or should not be classified as one, why because there are so many differences to help you distinguish them.
Rabbits are considered as mammals (small) likewise the hare, Pika, etc. that help form or make up the lagomorpha .

The rodents are seen to be the largest group of mammals that consists of small animals like the beavers, chipmunk, Squirrel, etc. that feed on flesh and plant otherwise known as omnivores.

While rabbits are small pets, with long ears and hinds and very short tail, mostly bushy, that feeds on vegetables and are mostly kept as pets at home and serve as an excellent source for fur production.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to the Article: Is a rabbit a rodent? (All you need to know)

What is a Rodent?

A rodent is a gnawing mammal, often small, like rats, mice, gerbils, etc. they are known to be the largest animals, that makeup the largest order of mammals.
They do not possess canine, rather, they have very long and fast growing incisors.
Rodents are mostly small in size, and are omnivore’s creatures that feed on both plant and flesh. Surprisingly, most people do classify rabbits under the rodents and this makes it hard to find their differences, if you don’t get access to a very good source.

Is a Rabbit Considered A rodent?

No, rabbits are not considered a rodent, rather, they belong to the lagamorpha which is is knwn to have four pairs of incisors.

And they do not form part of rodentia. Rabbits are totally different from rodents, but are known to have some similarities.

What links Rabbits and Rodents together?

Research, has shown that rabbits and rabbits have one or two things that links them together, or better still known as similarities.
The early research by paleontologists later discovered or came to a conclusion that rabbits are to be classifies as Lagomorphs. That was in the 20th century.
Asides that, let’s look at some of the likely features that are common to both rabbits and rodents

1. They practice what is known as copra phages, which simply means, that they feed on their feces. This very common early in the morning. It has no bad effect on their health.
2. They both have long large chiseled shaped front teeth (Incisors) that are known to continually grow for as long as they live.
3. Presence of cecum which aids smooth digestion of plants produce.
4. They are known to give birth to their young ones alive.
5. Their young ones depend on breast milk when young for survival
6. Both possess nails
7. Rabbits and rodents both feed on plant matters
8. Their cheek teeth look very similar, which makes it easier for them to feed on plant matters.
9. Rabbits and rodents are known to be very prolific (very productive and give birth to young or offspring’s in large quantities).

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Why is a Rabbit not a Rodent?

Below here, are some of the r reasons that are used to justify why is a rabbit not a rodent?

They are lagomorphs
Four pairs of incisors in their upper Jaw
Mode of Digestion

1. They are lagomorphs:

lagomorphs which simply means, they are not part of, or do not belong to the rodentia order, rather, they belong to the order lagomorpha ( That have four pairs of incisors in their upper jaw) and two non-functional ones ( teeth)

2. Four pairs of incisors in their upper Jaw:

Rabbits are known to have four pairs of incisors, with two non-functional ones, both at the upper jaw. While rodents have only two. This is one of the major things that differentiate rabbits from rodents.

3. Mode of Digestion:

Rabbits and rodents are known to feed on both plants produce, but rodents are more known to be classified as omnivores, which can feed on both plants and insects, like termites, etc. the digestive process of rabbits and rodents, are totally different and work in different ways. The breaking down of food in rabbit is different from that of rabbits.

Let’s take for instance, the cecum in rabbits which produces a good amount of bacteria which helps in the breakdown of cellulose which is known to be very difficult. But, for that of rodents, the cecum is responsible for the absorption of undigested salt and fluids.

What is the difference between a Rabbit and a Rodent?

As there are many similarities between rabbits and rodents, so there are vast differences between them. Some of the differences are either eternal or external.

Below here, are some of the major differences between a rabbit and a rodent

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Is a rabbit a rodent? (All you need to know) – Conclusion

From researches, it has been said that rabbits is not a rodent, or should be classified as one. Though, there some similarities and differences that is between them.
So, we believe with the help [of this great article, you would be able to expatiate the differences and similarities between a rabbit and a rodent. And also, know is a rabbit is a rodent.

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