Is It Illegal To Raise Wild Bunnies?


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Have you ever taken a brief walk in the wild and came across a wild helpless bunny that needs your help to survive? It may be some group of young kits that came out of the nest or a matured male or female rabbits that are injured or cold and you are the only one there or available to help?

Well, I trust you would help or call on some experts’ rabbit rehabilitator to do so if it’s not an emergency because much time might be taken for the arrival.

Well, during the process, you may be wondering, is it illegal to raise wild bunnies as my own? Since I just found it helpless. Well, it’s actually a NO to that.

It is very illegal to raise wild rabbits, without having a permit from the state’s Department of Environmental Protection to do so. Due processes must be met before you can be able to adopt or raise a wild bunny as your own.

Research has shown that wild rabbits are the hardest or tough to take care of or adopt.
Well, not everyone will know that it is illegal to do so, but I believe with the help of this article, your thoughts will be cleared.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to the Article: Is It Illegal To Raise Wild Bunnies?

Why Can’t I Domesticate A Wild Rabbit?

Well, there are so many reasons as to why you can’t domesticate or keep a wild rabbit as a pet.

But the most important of them all is; having a permit from the state’s Department of Environmental Protection before you can be able to adopt or rehabilitate a wild rabbit.

Another additional one is, you must be licensed and professionally trained to be able to handle cases of rehabilitation of wild rabbits or any other animals.

Are There Any Penalties For Domesticating A Wild Rabbit?

You may be wondering, if I domesticate or rehabilitate a wild rabbit, will there be any penalties? Yes, there are some penalties attached to domesticating wild rabbits without the proper measures being taken into consideration.

You can be made to pay some thousands of dollars if you domesticate wild rabbits illegally, you could be held in custody or even taken to prison if proven guilty of the charges.

So, now you see that there are some penalties attached to domesticating wild rabbits illegally. Do well to always make necessary inquiries before you choose a wild rabbit. Most especially if you don’t have an idea.

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After going through all the previous information in this article, you may also wonder, what should I do when I see a wild rabbit in need?

Well, you can still help a wild bunny in need by; taking them to the veterinary doctor for proper checkups and assistance in cases of emergency.
But, if the rabbit isn’t sick or injured, it is best to leave it in the wild, since everything is ok with the rabbit.
But if your help is needed, do well to do always do the needful and take the rabbit to the right persons. Though, not all veterinarians do accept to treat wild rabbits if you do not have a permit.
But in cases of emergency, they will be attended to.

And also, not all veterinarians have an idea on how to care for or rehabilitate wild rabbits but are experts in dealing with domestic rabbits.

So, in this case, the presence of an experienced and licensed rehabilitator will be needed to do the needful.

Can A Veterinarian Raise A Wild Bunny?

No, a Veterinarian is not allowed to raise wild bunnies if they are not licensed or have a permit to that effect. They can only administer care and treatment to rabbits.
Some veterinarians do reject or do not accept to treat or attend to wild rabbits if you do not have a license as regards that.
And also, not all vets are experienced when it comes to caring for wild bunnies, compared to Rice.

Is It Illegal To Raise Wild Bunnies? – Conclusion

Well, as it’s always been, it’s a No! Rescuing wild bunnies when you have a permit is very important for you to be eligible to take care of them.
If you are interested in becoming a rabbit rehabilitator, do well to apply for one depending on the policy of your region. The same thing applies to when getting permits.

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