Should Baby Rabbits Eat Grass?


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Should Baby Rabbits Eat Grass?

Just as hay is very important and vital in every rabbit’s diet, the same thing applies to grass. But that will only depend on if your rabbit prefers grass over hay, which is sometimes not too common.

A baby rabbit’s digestive system works and acts differently from that of a fully grown or a matured rabbit. And this makes them very susceptible to certain harm that might affect their health or even cause death if care is not taken. So, it is best recommended and advised to feed them the right feeds as they grow.

Yes, Baby rabbits can eat grass and it will have no negative effect on their health system. But do make sure that it is been in the right proportion and the grass is free from some chemical substances ranging from pesticides, etc. those can really threaten the life of a fully grown or matured rabbit talk more of a baby rabbit.

So, that is why it is best advised to wash any grass you intend to serve to your baby rabbit with very clean water and also try as much as possible shake off the water from the already washed grass to help prevent them from getting wet, dirty or even cause any other problems.

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Should Baby Rabbits Eat Grass or Hay?

Hay and grass are very good for rabbits, but, hay is more palatable, safe, nutritional, and very rich in fiber and can be preserved. And it is also best recommended for baby rabbits.
Generally, hay and water bring about a healthy rabbit, coupled with pellets and other treats that rabbits love to be fed.

Well, grasses also are very good for a baby rabbit and some rabbits do prefer to consume more grass compared to hay. So, it is up to you to know which your rabbit loves to have.
Hay is very dry and can be preserved, though they are hard compared to grass, rabbits do prefer them over grass.

When Should Baby Rabbits Eat Grass?

At exactly 4 weeks generally, your baby rabbit should be able to feed on grass without any fear of it affecting its health.
At that time, their digestive system can be able to handle chewed grass and will have no effect on their system.
Experts do advise feeding baby rabbits grass in the right proportion because an excess of it can be very toxic to their health.

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Is It Good To Feed Baby Rabbits Only Grass?

No, that is not too good for your baby rabbit or even a matured rabbit. Why? Feeding your rabbit or making available only one type of food (grass) is very harmful to the health of your rabbit.

It can make your baby rabbit very susceptible to some diseases that may likely cause you to lose them.
So, veterinarians or rabbit experts do advise you to make available different types of feed for your rabbit and it should be fed rationally and in the right proportion.

Feeds like timothy hay, together with water are very much good for your rabbit, and also treats, fresh vegetables, fruits, pellets, etc. should be made available to your rabbit.

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Should Baby Rabbits Eat Grass? – Conclusion

With much information been given in this article, I believe you now know if baby rabbits should eat grass. Nevertheless, the grass is very good for baby rabbits but should be feed in the right proportion when they are 4 weeks old or more.

And also, grass should not be substituted or seen as an alternative to hay.

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