What Amount Of Pellets Do My Baby Rabbits Eat?


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You may have this question running through your mind, What Amount Of Pellets Do My Baby Rabbits Eat? One of the amazing and fun facts about owning a rabbit or a rabbit farm either as a pet owner or as a rabbit breeder or for any other reason best known to you is for the female rabbit (doe) to give a large number of litters. and after the doe just littered, the care and love you give to her increases.

Why? because as a good rabbit breeder or pet owner,  the young ones(litters) need more attention and care in other to get desired growth, prevent against some certain types of diseases, cold and most of all the desired and most appropriate kind of food in its correct ration.

when rabbits litter, there are so many kinds of questions that run through your mind such as; what are their sex(pending on the amount littered)? when will they start walking? etc. but for now, let us focus on the main topic of this article.

Baby rabbit’s as it is best called(litters), start feeding on pellets at about two to three weeks after parturition they do not actually feed on them fully, they actually bite small particles from the pellets this is because they have not yet developed well strong teeth that enable them to grind their food to any desired size.

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They continue this process while depending on the breast milk from the female Rabbit (doe). Then as time goes on, they start to develop well strong teeth for biting and chewing and later lose interest in the female rabbit breast milk and then become fully adapted for eating and also ready for weaning.

What are pellets?

Pellets or pellets fuel as it also is known is gotten from organic matters that are been provided to rabbits in the right and balanced ration to help boost their growth and also enhance the proper diet.

Providing your rabbit’s with pellets will go a long way in enhancing the growth of the baby rabbit (litters), help improve the price in the market if you’re a rabbit breeder but as a pet owner, feeding your rabbit with pellets helps keeps it in shape and most of all reduce the chances of getting infected with harmful diseases in the environment.

Nutritional benefits of pellets for young rabbits

One of the essentials feed for rabbits are pellets. pellets play a paramount role in rabbit growth they help boost the body Growth of the young rabbits and lots more.

Pellets are gotten from Hay. It is sometimes not easy to come in contact with feeds that contains the six class of food in the right proportion but with pellets, it goes a long way.

It contains some important nutritional benefits that are good for young baby rabbits (litters) and adult ones too. Pellets are also part of a rabbit’s diet too, most rabbit owners prefer giving pellets to their rabbits especially pet owners.

This is because of its nature and what it contributes to the growth of the rabbit and lots more. pellets contain what we know as fibers, proteins, fats, calcium, and other essential nutrients that are good for the young rabbits and adults too.

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FAQ’s (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS) What Amount Of Pellets Do My Baby Rabbits Eat?

What Not to Feed Rabbits

As we all know pellets are also part of rabbit feeds. pellets can be fed to young rabbits to a large amount this is because their bones need more calcium for stronger bones and rigidity and also protein to repair worn out tissues all these nutrients are essential and needed for the good, proper, and healthy growth of the young rabbit’s.

How Much Food Should a baby Rabbit Eat?

Rabbits need care and love from the owner or owners at an early stage of growth this can be shown in one of these ways. That is by feeding them appropriately and adequately in the right proportion and in a balanced proportion.

Rather you giving the young rabbit’s or adults a continuous supply of pellets, it is highly advisable you ration their feed in the right and balanced proportion to help keep a steady and fast growth. Here are the number of pellets needed for young rabbits and adults.

For Young Rabbits

The main stage that determines the growth of the well-being of a young rabbit is it at an early stage in the sense that they require a balanced feed in the right quantity. Any feed that will not contribute to the growth of a young rabbit should not be advised and should be considered dangerous to their health and well-being.

Young rabbits need at least ½  cups of pellets per day. This should be taken into consideration that as time goes on, the amount given or administered should be rationed because pellets are mainly advised for young and upcoming rabbit’s so after then, they tend to feed confidently on hay and other vegetables this can be noticed during the seventh to eighth week after parturition.

For  Adult rabbits

Matured rabbits consume more feed than young rabbits. it is advised that they should be given and fed with oat hay, unlimited Timothy, and grass hay.

And very importantly the ratio of pellets should be minimized for the adults it is also advised you give them 1/4 cups of pellets per lbs per day.

This is a standard measurement that is given to matured rabbits.  Why this is so is because the excessive or unlimited supply of pellets could lead to obesity and other health-related problems.

You would not want that for your rabbit’s would you? Of course, you would not. Every good farmer, rabbit breeder, or pet owner wants no harm for the animal(s).

What kind of pellets should I feed my rabbit?

Are you in search of well-balanced pellets that suite’s your rabbit diet? if yes, then we got you covered. we recommend for you the best and most nutritional health-filled pelleted feed for the growth of your rabbit.

The best and most recommended pellet feeds is the Oxbow animal health. Which is highly nutritional and contains some important and essential health benefits needed for your rabbits mainly adults and not for younger ones under five to six months of age.

Here are some essential and nutritional-filled pellets that are recommended for rabbit’s both young and adults.

  • Oxbow Animal Health Bunny Basics
  • Supreme Petfoods Science
  • Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets

1. Oxbow Animal Health Bunny Basics

Oxbow Animal Health Bunny Basics


This animal feed contains essential nutrients that are good for your rabbit’s growth. It’s is packaged in such a way that it comes in three different sizes. why this is so is because it considers your budget and the size or quantity needed at the moment.

This feed is mainly for adult rabbits and not young ones under six months of age. It is advised you provide them with alfalfa hay that is good for their health and should be supported with some vegetable supplements for fast and Better growth.

They are packaged in three different sizes that range from 10- 25 pounds. I will advise you to get this pelleted feed for your rabbit (adults to be precise).

2. Supreme Petfoods Science

Supreme Petfoods ScienceCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This is another important feed that is suitable for your rabbit this feed is very good for both young and mature rabbits because it contains 20- 25% of fiber that is necessary for the growth of a young baby rabbit.

It provides your rabbit with a natural taste through these feed components. As we said earlier, it contains some natural supplements that constitute the growth of the rabbit such as prebiotics a non-digestible supplement that stimulates and helps boost growth, Omega 3 fatty acid, and omega 6 fatty acid. All these listed feed components help keep the rabbit healthy and strong.

3. Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets

Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets


Here is another important and vital feed that is needed in the right proportion for the growth and well-being of your rabbit this feed is also packaged in three different sizes same as the oxbow animal health bunny.

It is advisable that you buy this kind of feed not too frequently because it helps keeps it safe and fresh and helps prevent the risk of getting spoilt easily.

I will also advise you to get this feed for your rabbit because it constitutes if some essential nutrients that are needed in a balanced ration for your rabbit growth examples of some of these essential nutrients are fibers that are needed for proper growth. one good thing about this feed is that it stays fresh even when ordered from Amazon it still stays fresh and safe.

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