Why do Rabbit Scratch the Floor?


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Why do Rabbit scratch the floor?

Ever wondered why rabbits scratch the floor or any other surface they are on? Well, you may be surprised as to why they do so.

Rabbits express their feelings in many different ways. So, it is your duty as a caring rabbit owner or parent to be able to relate and interpret what they mean and act towards it.

In this article, we will be emphasizing more on why do rabbits scratch the floor.

As said earlier on, rabbits scratch or dig the floor for so many reasons. Some of which may be a result of:
Boredom, seeking attention, curiosity, and maybe, to keep something away from you.
But, you don’t have to worry about your rabbit scratching or digging the floor. It is part of their normal behavior to scratch or dig.

There are times whereby the behavior occurs frequently, you don’t have to panic, all you have to do is to seek the advice or help of a rabbit expert or a veterinarian so as to get useful tips.

Rabbits can be traced back to living as to live in warrens/burrows, and this means they have to dig before they find their way in to be able to find shelter to protect themself from harsh weather conditions and predators or a suitable environment for giving birth.

It is known to be inherited by domestic rabbits, which may also be a cause of why rabbits scratch the floor.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to this Article: Why do Rabbit scratch the floor?

Why do rabbits scratch the bottom of their cage?

Most people do prefer to keep their rabbits in cages but do make sure it is well spaced and free roam. Or preferably you get an x-pen which in most cases is much convenient.

Ever been with your rabbit, and all of a sudden, you notice it starts to scratch its cage with its fingers? Well, that’s a natural behavior common to rabbits and it may be as a result of being bored with the environment or they are seeking your attention or maybe just as a reminder for you to feed its favorite treat.

Or in most cases, it may be as a result of being uncomfortable with the type of cage, so they keep on scratching until you make an adjustment or change into a new and more convenient home.
This will eventually reduce the scratching.

What does it mean when your rabbit scratches?

Rabbits are known to scratch on objects and their owners, too. This may be as a result of your rabbit being angry at you, or it wants to get your attention.

You may sometimes find them scratching the floor or a favorite spot in your house, mainly the edges of the house.

So, all you have to so either provide a digging box or make available tiles, so as to prevent causing damages to your floors or carpets.

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An alternative can be providing a storage container with a hole to ease access.
Fill the box with hay and place it on their favorite spot of scratching. This also can help reduce scratching.

Female rabbits with new litters may likely scratch you within a few days after parturition, too.
Because at the period of time, they are often very aggressive.

Can I stop my rabbit from scratching?

Scratching is known to be part of every rabbit’s behavior, and it’s not something that can be stopped completely, but rather controlled.

When you notice your rabbit has been scratching on your carpet, floor, cage, or the edge of your room, it is best advised to take the right measures or seek the help or assistance of a rabbit specialist or veterinarian.

Why do Rabbit scratch the floor? – Conclusion

There are several reasons as to why rabbits scratch the floor, some of which may be, a result of boredom, curiosity, seeking your attention, etc.

So, try as much as possible to always find time to spend some quality moments with your rabbits, so as to be able to bond with them and also understand them better.

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