Why Do Rabbits Chew On Wires? All You Need to Know.


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Why Do Rabbits Chew On Wires?

Chewing on wires is seen as a natural thing that is very common in rabbits. No only wires though, they chew on plastics, books woods, and other objects they find it easy to chew on.
It may be your phone charger, extension wire, and other home objects that they find very easy to chew on.

Well, it can be very annoying and frustrating to some extent, but I tell you it is a normal behavior common to rabbits.

It’s like an urge which tells them to “Hey you! chew on this wire”, Get a taste of this book, or have a taste of what these woods tastes like. Funny, right?

And one other funny thing about this is that they do chew on the most important parts that make the object hard to repair or fix, thereby making it less important.

But you don’t have to be angry at your rabbits, all you need to do is understand their behavioral character and know the reasons why they do so and how you can do to avoid such from happening.

Though some of the objects they chew are can be very harmful to their system and can sometimes cause some problems so, it is very best you know why rabbits do so, and how you can help prevent it.

You may be wondering, why does my rabbit chew on wires? Well, in this article, we will be giving you many reasons why rabbits chew on wires and other objects, too.

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1. Boredom
2. They Have Ever Growing Teeth
3. They Have Good Sense of Smell

1. Boredom

Rabbits are very social animals that love to relate and play around the environment and keep you company.

They need attention and some of your time. So when they notice you are not giving them attention, they portray some certain behaviors like nudging you to gain attention, making you carry them, finally chewing on your wires or books just to make them feel entertained and busy.

So, it is best advised to understand your rabbit and give them the maximum attention they do deserve. By doing so, you can help reduce or prevent chewing on objects.

2. They have ever-growing teeth

The teeth of a rabbit are known to continuously grow as they age. So, as their teeth grow, they do try to chew on anything they come across or find within their reach, such as wires, books, etc. so long as they are not restricted.

So, it is very necessary to check or monitor the growth of your rabbit’s teeth to know when they are overgrown. By doing so, it can help reduce the chances of chewing on wires or other objects.

3. They Have Good Sense of Smell

Rabbits have a good sense of smell which makes it easy for them to perceive objects, like books which are made from wood.

And you know rabbits in the wild feed sometimes on wood That makes scent attracts them. The same thing applies to wires too, They find it very soft and attractive to chew on.

So, it is best advised to keep your rabbit away from your wires that they may likely chew on.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to the Article: Why Do Rabbits Chew on Wires?

How Do I Stop My Rabbit From Chewing Wires?

There are so many effective ways to stop your rabbit from chewing wires, some of which are; Bunny Proofing your home, so that your rabbit cannot have access to wires, books, etc.

Providing chewable toys that have no effect on their teeth, providing and spending quality time with your rabbit to help drive away boring moments, keeping away wires so they can’t chew on it because they are very dangerous to your rabbit and can cause a serious shock in the process of trying to chew on the wires if plugged in.

So, always try as much as possible to always to adhere to some of these, if not all. So you can help stop your rabbit from chewing on wires and other objects, too.

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Can Rabbits Die From Chewing Wires?

No, rabbits cannot die from chewing wires, but it is not too certain. If they chew on a large number of wires continuously, it can be dangerous to their health.

And if the wire they’re chewing on is plugged in, the rabbit will suffer from electric shock, which ceases the flow of blood around the body, and eventually death.

Why Do Rabbits Chew On Wires? – Conclusion

Some of the reasons why rabbits chew on the wire may be as a result of; Boredom, They have ever-growing teeth, They have a good sense of smell.

Some of these listed points are some of the main reasons why rabbits chew on wires and other objects.

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