Can a Rabbit Bond With a Dog?


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Can a Rabbit Bond With a Dog?

Rabbits and dogs are considered to be a very great pet to have in your homes; they are very friendly, cute, and serve as good companions likewise the cat too.
You may have a rabbit as your first and only pet, and you plan on introducing a dog to the home, and then a question pops in your mind, Can a Rabbit Bond with a Dog?

Or you already have a dog and you plan on adding a rabbit, you must first think of if they can able to bond together if your rabbit might feel threatened or uncomfortable, why? Because dogs and rabbits, since the onset of time, are generally not known to live together because of their nature of how they are; rabbits are seen as predators in the eyes of dogs, while dogs see them in form of prey.

But, not in all cases, there have been successful reports where rabbits and dogs were successfully bonded together and there were no cases of “My Dog Ate my rabbit or attacked my rabbit.”

Rabbits can bond very well with dogs, but that will solely depend on how you go with the process of bonding them together.

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You need to have some necessary and important things in mind, to successfully bond your rabbit with your dog.

Though it may take some time before they begin to bond, it is so much worth it. Some of the things to have in mind are listed and explained below.

1. Routine exposure in a safe environment
2. Choose a dog with low prey drive
3. Ensure your dog has knowledge of basic obedience

1. Routine exposure in a safe environment

This method is very much important to successfully bond your rabbit together with your dog because they need a well-aired environment and enough space so you can clearly supervise their progress as time goes on.

2. Choose a dog with low prey drive

Dogs are predators to rabbits and that alone put your rabbit in danger of being attacked or bitten by your dog.
In the course of playing, your dog might see your rabbit as a toy or its fellow playmate, so when your dog attacks, the outcome to your rabbit can be very lethal.
So, it is best to choose a dog with a low prey drive. Dogs like the Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Irish Wolfhounds, etc. are known to have a high prey drive.
By doing this, it will go a long way to help fasten the bonding process of your rabbit and dog.

3. Ensure your dog has knowledge of basic obedience

Your dog should be able to understand and obey your vocal command, such as when you say “back off”, etc. If your dog does not obey your command, then your rabbit is in danger of being a hunted prey by your dog.

Especially if it’s a dog with a high prey drive and this alone will make it almost impossible for your rabbit to bond with your dog. so, it is very important for your dog to be able to obey your commands.
This will not only make their bonding easy and less stressful but also keep your rabbit from any chances of becoming a hunted prey by your dog.

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Can a Rabbit Bond With a Dog? – Conclusion

Knowing fully well that rabbits see dogs as predators, but it is absolutely possible for both to bond and live together without the fear of being attacked by the dog.

So, applying the necessary important tips will help a lot to make your rabbit and dog bond very well.
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