Why do Rabbits Sneeze? (Healthy tips & Guidelines)


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Why Do Rabbits Sneeze? 

Ever seen when a rabbit sneeze? Well, they appear to be very cute and adorable at that moment, especially when they make use of their Front paws and stand on their two back feet and clean their face, after sneezing.

When rabbits sneeze, the causes may vary; depending on the main cause of the sneeze maybe you can know how to attend to it.

If it’s just a normal sneeze or it happens to be very persistent, you may decide to draw the attention of a caring vet. While some sneeze just appears to be a normal day sneeze that can be caused by dust particles, smoke, etc.

Allergies can sometimes be a major factor that causes why rabbits sneeze. When you notice your rabbit is sneezing uncontrollably and it’s getting you worried, you will have to quickly seek a veterinarian that can help proffer solutions to the causes.

The rabbit’s nose is known to be one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of its body, that any little dust, may cause it to sneeze.

Let’s look at some of the major causes of why rabbits sneeze; they are been listed and explained in detail below.

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  1. Respiratory irritations
  2. Allergies
  3. Dust particles
  4. Cold
  5. Smoke

1. Respiratory Irritations / Infection

Lower respiratory infection otherwise called Snuffles can be a major cause of why rabbits sneeze. It is known to have a small or low amount of recovery if not treated or taken into consideration when noticed at an early stage.

So, it is much advisable you visit your Vet or seek the advice of a rabbit specialist who can be of great help.

Always try to give your rabbit, more attention and time, as this will help you know or realize when any health issues arise.

2. Allergies

Just as humans have allergies, so does rabbit too. Just that, theirs are can sometimes be difficult to discover.

But, when you get to know what your rabbit is allergic to, you should try as much as possible to help prevent them, and if it’s such that requires the assistance of a vet or a rabbit specialist, do endeavor to do so.

3. Dust Particles

Dust contributes mainly to why rabbits sneeze, and that will greatly depend on the environment of your rabbit. If your rabbit home is one that is dusty, or the environment is known to be dusty, it can cause your rabbit to sneeze.

Always try as much as possible to always keep your rabbit, out of dusty areas, objects that may have particles of dust, etc.

4. Cold

This is also one major reason or contributor, to why rabbits sneeze. You may be thinking, so long my rabbit has furs, it can’t catch a cold, yeah it can be possible, and furs can help prevent cold.

But to an extent, if proper guides are not met, your rabbit will catch a serious cold, which may eventually lead to sneezing and other health issues.

So, it is very important and advisable to always protect your rabbit from cold. You can do so, by keeping them in a warm and dry area.

We don’t advise you to use lamps that remove smokes, rather, make use of bulbs that are bright and can be able to generate warmth.

By so doing, your rabbit is protected from cold and will prevent it from sneezing uncontrollably.

5. Smoke

Smokes are of different types, each containing different properties, which can be harmful to your rabbit’s health. Smokes from cigarettes, factories, Chimneys, etc. when inhaled by rabbits, can be very bad for their health Thereby making them sneeze.

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Other Causes that May Result in rabbit to Sneeze, Can be;

1. Having something stuck in your rabbit’s nose, thereby preventing it from breathing properly and this may irritate it and eventually lead to sneezing.

2. It may be as a result, that your rabbit teeth are overgrown or too long, and maybe, interfering with the nose which can be very difficult to handle, thereby making the rabbit sneeze.

3. Exposure to hard or string smell can be irritating to rabbits.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to the Article: Why do rabbits sneeze? (Healthy tips & Guidelines)

Why Do Rabbits Have Sneezing Fits?

So many causes, resulting in why rabbits have sneezing fits. The sudden burst of air from the mouth and nose of your rabbit can be termed as sneezing fits in rabbits.

Cold can be a major cause that may result in a rabbit having sneezing fits or the environment it is, which happens to be very harsh and cold.

Allergies, smoke, strong smell, dust particles, etc. can be a major factor that contributes to why rabbits have sneezing fits.

When you notice your rabbit sneezing sporadically, it is much advised to seek the advice of a vet or a rabbit specialist that can proffer solutions.

Do Rabbits Sneeze Sometimes?

Yes, there are So many reasons, which may prompt rabbits to sneeze sometimes, either just a normal sneeze that maybe as a result of dust particles present in the bottom of hays, etc.

Or when you notice your rabbit is sneezing irregular than normal, that may be as a result of allergies, respiratory irritation, etc.

Should I Be Worried If My Rabbit Is Sneezing?

That will solely depend on the cause of your rabbit’s sneeze, Dust particles from the environment, from hays, etc. are known to be normal sneezes that you would not want to worry about.

But, if you notice your rabbit is sneezing sporadically, it can get you worried and you would want to seek the help of a vet or a rabbit specialist that can give you trusted tips on how to care for your rabbit at that moment.

Why do Rabbits Sneeze? (Healthy tips & Guidelines) – Conclusion

Several reasons that result in why rabbits cough, with the help of this informative article, befitting answers and other important health tips are given to help you understand more about how rabbits sneeze and their causes.

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